If you are having major problems with your transmission on a new car that are not due to a collision or misuse, then you are likely to be feeling fairly upset. Although minor transmission issues can be fixed relatively cheaply, major transmission issues that will require a replacement of the entire transmission can run well over $5,000 in repair costs, and that is after you have just put down the money for the cost of the new car itself. In determining your legal options, the first step is to look at your manufacturer’s warranty that came with the car to see if you are covered for the cost of a new transmission. But in many cases, your state law may provide you with a legal option by which you can have the entire cost of your car replaced. Mississippi’s lemon law is one such law that covers new and used cars under warranty in Mississippi.

Knowing Whether Your Transmission Issue is Covered by Mississippi Lemon Law

The lemon law in Mississippi covers issues with a car which affects the use, market value, or safety of the car. A major transmission problem would certainly affect all three of these issues.

To take advantage of Mississippi’s lemon law, however, your car must still be an under a written warranty from the manufacturer, whether the car was purchased new or used. The car must also have been delivered to you the buyer within the past year. What this means is that purchasers need to act very quickly once they become aware of a transmission issue.

Finally, before you can demand that the manufacturer your repurchase price, you will have to make a “reasonable number of attempts” to have the manufacturer fix the transmission problem. Mississippi law does not define what a “reasonable number of attempts” is, but it presumes that you have met this requirement if you have made three attempts to have the transmission repaired by the manufacturer and it is still not fixed, or if the car has been out of service for at least 15 days due to transmission repair attempts.

Bringing Your Mississippi Lemon Law Case

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