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  • Personal Service. National Reach. Successful Results.

    We’ve successfully handled online divorce cases for clients across the country involving many areas of law. We put your interests first, and we’re dedicated to achieving the best outcome possible.

  • Class Actions

    Class action lawsuits allow average people to take a stand against the most powerful industries in the world. At Herrington Law, we have the experience, skill, and resources to handle complex class action lawsuits involving a large range of issues.

  • Defective Drugs & Medical Devices

    As well-meaning as a drug or medical device manufacturer may be, sometimes their products injure people or cause death. In such cases, we are dedicated to helping you hold these entities responsible for the damage they cause.

Successfully represented the state of Oklahoma in a market manipulation case against a major gas provider.

Helped recover hundreds of millions of dollars for American auto dealerships victimized by massive antitrust conspiracies.

Litigated and successfully settled one the first post-recall PPA cases (defective drug) in the country.

You don’t have to have a huge case for us to help you. We’ve helped thousands of individuals with relatively small claims.


At Herrington Law, the needs of our clients are what matter most. “Your case is our cause” is not a slogan to us. It's the single guiding principle upon which our firm operates.We represent consumers in class actions, defective drugs/medical device cases, personal injury, and lemon law litigation. We also represent small businesses in antitrust and general contract litigation.

With more than 20 years of experience litigating in state and federal courts throughout the United States, we have the experience, drive, and dedication to client service to serve your needs and obtain the justice you deserve.

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We understand that your case will have a longstanding impact on your life. Therefore, you need representatives who not only represent you but empathize with how the outcome will change certain aspects of your life. Whether you're taking on a company in a class action suit or are seeking compensation for damages caused by an injury, you need an attorney who has a coherent understanding of the legal system and that will aggressively fight for you. Contact Herrington Law today for a free consultation.

Personalized Legal Services

We understand that each case is highly individualized and that the best possible case outcome for our clients will not look the same for everyone. Taking into account the intricate details and circumstances of your case, we will work relentlessly to reach a resolution that best aligns with your interests.

Successful Case Outcomes

We've had a persistent record of victories throughout the years, which makes us a firm that you can rely on in the courtroom. For clients who value experience and a vast knowledge of several diverse areas of law, Herrington Law is the right firm for you.


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  • Experienced:

    Representing clients for over two decades in class action, lemon law, and banking compliance matters.
  • Proven Results:

    A leader in class action litigation with a consistent record of victories on behalf of clients of all sizes.
  • Personal Service:

    Dedicated to always making outstanding service to our clients the focus and top priority of our practice.

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